SVG Compilation as a Service

The sharpest tool on the internet
for scraping SVG

Automate the capture and compilation of SVG.

Programmatically compiling SVG images into high fidelity bitmaps can be tricky. SVGCompiler is the API you need to get the job done right. Complete with a task specific language and highly informative dashboards.

Keep track of every SVG compile task you've ever created. Create new tasks from existing ones.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, head over to Artcompiler Forum for help.

    • How does SVGCompiler authenticate users?

      We use Sign-In with Ethereum (SIWE) to authenticate users. To use SVGCompiler you need to install an Ethereum wallet in your browser. Metamask is one such wallet. It's free and doesn't require you to purchase Eth to sign in to SVGCompiler.

    • Do I need to add a payment method to start compiling SVGs?

      No. You can compile up to 100 SVGs for free without adding a payment method. On your 101th attempted compile, you will get a 402 (Payment required) response, until either you add a payment method or the next subscription month begins.

    • Why does SVGCompiler only use SIWE to authenticate users?

      It is more convenient (once Metamask is installed), secure, and private.

    • What payment methods does SVGCompiler support?

      We use Stripe, so we allow any and all methods of payment they support, including all major credit cards and ATM accounts.

Simple pricing

Start for free. Pay as you go.



  • Compile 100 images per month
  • No credit card required



  • Compile 1,000 images per month
  • $0.01 for each additional image scraped
  • Automatic upgrade to Silver pricing when you compile 10,001 images in a single month



  • Compile 100,000 images per month
  • $0.001 for each addition image scraped
  • Automatic upgrade to Gold pricing when you compile 1,000,001 images in a single month



  • Compile 10,000,000 images per month
  • $0.0001 for each additional image scraped

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